Tax Controversy

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Today, more than ever, new far-reaching and complex tax regulations, coupled with the IRS' more aggressive enforcement policies, make it vital to properly plan for and manage IRS examinations in a proactive manner. Applying new dispute resolution procedures is critical to staying in front of your IRS examinations, resolving disputes at the lowest level thus reducing administrative and tax costs.

We offer a full range of tax controversy services related to whatever your IRS issues may be, including pre-examination audit readiness analysis, examination planning and representation, appeals representation, litigation support, IRS service center matters, IRS penalty and interest abatements and compliance matters involving information reporting and withholding. We offer collection action relief in the areas of liens, levies, seizures, installment agreements and Offer-In-Compromises. With our in-depth knowledge of IRS practice and procedures, we can assist clients efficiently resolve difficult IRS matters.