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Our business planning for corporations, partnerships and small businesses consists of helping our clients from the beginning understand which entity is right for them, and the tax attributes associated with their selection. Working closely with various law firms, we assist our clients in the incorporation process, as well as the legalities surrounding their business. We perform compensation structuring,dissolutions, liquidations and more. Our focus is tailored to our clients specific needs and goals. Our one-on-one consultation methodology is unsurpassed.

  • Tax Planning and Preparation utilizing state-of-the-art software & e-filing procedures
  • Estate Planning
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Individual planning throughout the year allows us to encompass all our resources to assist our clients in minimizing their tax liabilities. Projections and withholding calculations prepare individuals for April 15. Executive planning deals specifically with the tax ramifications of Incentive Stock Options both qualified and non-qualified, Golden Parachutes and severance packages. We work closely with financial planners to assure that retirement benefits and income deferral are in line with our clients goals and objectives. We can assist with retirement withdrawals and distributions from qualified plans, including "money purchase" or "defined contribution" plans.